Photo Credit - Philip Dembinski

Photo Credit - Philip Dembinski


     Audio has been my first and only career calling. As soon as I realized this was a field I dropped everything to pursue it wholeheartedly. I find it to be the perfect balance of creative exploration and technical skill and I really can't see myself doing anything else.

     As of August 2018 decided to take the leap into full-time freelance, since part-time just wasn't allowing me enough time to focus on really creating quality sounds for so many different projects. I'm currently living as a bit of a nomad, generally somewhere between Los Angeles, CA and Oslo, Norway to gain international experience and broaden my network on a worldwide scale.

     I graduated in spring of 2016 from Columbia College Chicago with a BA in Audio Design and Production. Right after graduation I jumped into a fantastic full-time sound design position at Jellyvision, where I created sound effects and edited voice-over for interactive conversations seen by thousands of companies and millions of employees. Outside of work I volunteered with Chicago's IGDA chapter starting in June 2016, and served as Secretary on the Executive board from September 2017 to December 2018. During my studies in college I worked at a few recording studios around Chicago, first at Uptown Recording as an intern, and then at Transient Sound as an Assistant Engineer. At these studios I worked on both analog and digital sessions in every genre, from Chicago's old school punks Naked Raygun, to a tribal group from East Africa called The Nile Project.

     I'm always on the lookout for new and interesting projects, so if you need audio, feel free to shoot me an email! You can also check out my resume on linkedin, listen to some of my work on soundcloud, or follow me on twitter.

Talks, Panels, & Workshops

UPCOMING Nov 16 2019 - Dialogue for Indies (Speaker) - IndieSpeak Orange County

Aug 10 2019 - Nomadic Networking as a Free-range Freelancer (Micro-talk Speaker) - Game Audio Los Angeles

Apr 10 2019 - Nomadic Freelancing (Speaker) - &Action Steinkjer

Mar 29 2019 - Adding Depth to Dialogue: A workshop on V/O recording and directing (Workshop Speaker) - Høyskolen Kristiania

Feb 7 2019 - Girls In Technology (Speaker) - Nord University Steinkjer

Jan 16 2019 - Feeling STUCK & Getting UNSTUCK (Micro-talk Speaker) - About Women Chicago

Dec 6 2018 - Freelance, Travel, & Networking (Speaker) - College of DuPage

Nov 1 2018 - Adding Depth to Dialogue: A workshop on V/O recording and directing (Workshop Speaker) - Konsoll Bergen

Feb 22 2018 - GDC Career and Networking Workshop (Organizer and Moderator) - IGDA Chicago

July 27 2017 - Sounds Good: Essentials for Great Audio in Games (Organizer and Panel Member) - IGDA Chicago